Pleased to meet you!

About Andrea

I am Andrea, and I have been called The Reading Whisperer in the past. My background in teaching reading started in 2010 after I became determined to help my struggling high school students learn to read better.  They inspired me.  

My bachelor’s degree is in education 1-9 from University of Wisconsin-Platteville.  I received my masters degree in special education after moving to Arizona in 2006.  My main focus area of special education was in dyslexia and I went on to complete my reading endorsement at that time as well.  Despite this extensive education, I was still in need of more explicit ways to help my individual students who struggled to read even at the high school level.  I kept searching.

Question after question led to more questions and further training was needed to get me what I needed to help my students.  Before I knew it, I was off to San Luis Obispo for training in Lindamood Bell curricula!  This was exciting to me.  It was, and still is, one of the most effective curricula to help students with dyslexia learn to read.  This is what I primarily use today and have found incredible success in closing reading gaps and bringing nonreaders to fluent, confident readers!    

Eleven years later, here I am, still doing what I love!  I am able to share this gift of reading, which brings knowledge and imagination, and even new experiences to children every day!  A whole new world opens up to them when they learn to read.  This gift grows even more when they begin to identify themselves as a reader, and as a student.  As a private reading interventionist, I work with students one-on-one designing lessons based on what they need.  When they are ready to move on, we move on.  If there is something that they need further clarification on, I can reteach and review as often as needed.  It is my responsibility to make sure my students understand and I don’t stop until they do.

  “If a student can’t learn the way we teach, then we teach the way they learn.” -Ignacio Estrada