The Self-Driven Child

Is homework a fight?  Does your child read for pure enjoyment?  Are you finding yourself bribing your child to read and complete their homework?   This is a common struggle for many parents and as we strive to help our children succeed and develop good habits for life. It is common for most parents to set up strict guidelines, limits and expectations to help them reach success. However, I have found that I can’t make my kids want something they dont … Read More

Creating a Love of Reading

Creating a love of learning starts at home.  Parents who read to their children develop the curiosity and value of books within their child.  Children love to be in close proximity of a trusting, loving adult where they can relax, feel safe and secure and let their imagination run wild.  In this moment they take risks in their learning, asking what words mean, clarifying their understanding of a sentence.  They start to learn figurative language and may ask what it … Read More

Teaching Kids to Think!

The book, A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille, offers an insightful perspective on education.  He suggests a ‘system’ of schooling known as Leadership Education where students are taught how to think and prepare them to be leaders in their homes and communities, entrepreneurs in business and statesmen in government.  This is different from traditional schooling, where the focus is more in teaching students ‘what’ to think in the way of teaching rudimentary skills for basic living, entry level jobs, … Read More