Vision Related Learning Problems

Almost every time I start with a new student, I will recommend the student receive an eye exam from a developmental optometrist.  The reason I started doing this is because it has happened often enough that after working with a student for adequate intervention time, they don’t seem to make the progress as I would expect. After a few months, I then refer to a developmental optometrist and almost every time, that child was in need of glasses or vision … Read More

Voiced and Unvoiced Sounds

There are 27 letters of the alphabet.  There are 42 sounds total and 24 of those sounds are consonant sounds. Each individual sound is called a ‘phoneme’.   There are two types of sounds in English; voiced and unvoiced.  A ‘voiced’ sound means that your voicebox, located near the front of your neck, will create a louder, more audible sound and you can feel a vibration when speaking that sound. All vowel sounds are voiced as well as a few consonant … Read More

What is Comprehension?

Comprehension is understanding what was just read.  This involves the ability to visualize what is going on in any given text.  Good readers might describe this as ‘making movies’ when they read.  For some people, this comes very naturally and words create images in their minds effortlessly.  For others, the words just move in one ear and out the other. I  had one student describe it to me as a lawn mower that is cutting the grass and there is … Read More

What is Phonemic Awareness?

Parents often ask me what they should be working on with their child to help them have success in reading.  Without a doubt, I suggest Phonemic Awareness. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and identify sounds in words.  It can also include the ability to manipulate sounds in words.  For example, being able to find a word that rhymes with cat, you would have to change the beginning sound from /k/ to /h/.  That produces a rhyming word, hat! … Read More