Live to Learn Microschool

Mission Statement – At Live To Learn Microschool, our mission is to foster a love of learning and create learners for life. Student led learning is supported and guided through socratic questioning and creative thinking opportunities.  Student education is personalized to empower students to reach their full potential.  Value of character is supported and we work on valuing each other by teaching kindness, respect, body boundaries, assertiveness, active listening, resilience,  empathy. 

We aim to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity in our students. We focus on  student-led  learning that encourages collaboration, problem-solving, and adaptability, preparing our students to thrive in the rapidly changing world.  We teach students how to think rather than what to think

Description: Our school is a family.  We help, encourage and support each other.  We work on resilience, interpersonal skills, active listening skills, self- regulation, and empathy. We apply these skill in our daily interpersonal communication.

Our academic curriculum is diverse.  Our school is heavily focused on building strong foundational reading skills. With advanced degrees and training in reading intervention, I have incorporated a variety of curriculum to support struggling readers.  We use two different math programs, one is self-paced on chromebook and the other is more hands on and teacher directed.  In writing we work on handwriting, spelling and creative writing skills. We apply our writing skills into all content area learning. Science and Social Studies units are student led and are studied in depth.  We have a certified art teacher and music teacher who come weekly.  Spanish lessons are taught every day that focus on phonemic awareness, vocabulary and functional conversation skills. 

Mrs. Andrea helped me learn to read. She was funny and made me laugh. I loved everything about school!
Harper Layton

Grades: First and Second
Class Size: 10-12 students maximum
Funding/Tuition: ESA -Private School $7,000 per year
Field Trips: 4-5 Field trips are scheduled throughout the year

Math: Singapore Math, Mathseeds
Reading: Lindamood Bell, Lexia, Heggerty Phonemic Awareness 
Spanish: Hola Amigo! Heggerty, Vocabulary Picture cards
Music: Bill Clay Music LLC
Art: Julie Driggs; certified art teacher and Microschool Guide
Handwriting:  Handwriting without Tears, printing and cursive
Spelling: Individualized lists
Writing: Writing Workshops (6+1 Traits of Writing), Creative Writing Units
Science: Mystery Science, Student-led science unit based learning
Social Studies: Student-led geography and cultural based learning

Tuesday 9:30-3:30
Wednesday 9:30-1:00 (Optional work from home day)
Thursday 9:30-3:30
Friday 9:30-3:30