Reading Intervention – As a reading interventionist, I work to support students in developing strong reading skills.  I most often work with students one-on-one but can also work with students in small groups if they are at similar levels in their reading.  I can see students online or in person.  Most of my lesson planning is done before we get started.  After some initial screenings and assessments, I order the necessary materials your student needs and will mail or deliver to your home or will provide them at the first session if meeting in person.  After determining a schedule, and start date, continuation of services will continue for as long as needed!  Most students are able to catch up to grade level reading in 6-12 months even if they are multiple years behind. Three days a week of intervention is ideal.  My rates are $60 for 50-55 minutes of instructional time.  Occasionally, 5 minutes at the end of a session will be reserved for discussion with parents.  

I have partners who offer tutoring in other curricula as well and may have other hours of availability.  Sometimes location, availability or expertise of another tutor might be preferred.  I can refer out to other highly qualified, experienced reading specialists if needed.

Pre-Literacy Classes/Preschool Classes: I offer pre-literacy classes for pre-schools both in home and at private centers.  These classes run for 6-10 weeks depending on availability and frequency of both parties. I can work in small groups of 4-5  students on basic cognitive function skills necessary for reading such as auditory and visual digit span using manipulatives. I also incorporate sound discrimination skills using musical instruments to listen for same and different and then moving into same and different sounds within speech of consonants and vowels. The curriculum I use works on a variety of phonemic awareness skills such as rhyming, onset fluency, blending syllables, isolating final sounds, segmenting syllables, adding and deleting and substituting syllables.  

If you are interested in scheduling pre-literacy classes two days per week is recommended.  We rotate through a variety of different activities so students are able to sustain their attention and focus and each lesson is about 20 minutes long and a minimum of one hour is required. 

Speech and Language Therapy Sometimes students I come across are in need of language therapy.  If a student has speech or language delays, it is necessary for them to remediate this before working on reading intervention.  Spoken language is naturally acquired before written language and so if there are deficits in this area, they need to be addressed first.  

If you child is in need of speech and language therapy, please contact me for more information on speech therapy including in-home providers.

Special Education Advocacy – If you feel your child is not receiving adequate support from their school and are in need of support in advocating for their needs, hiring an advocate who knows the laws behind IDEA and parental rights might be helpful. 

Cognitive Training – There are times when a student falls below age appropriate measures for cognitive development.  This makes reading and most all academic areas extremely difficult.   This is an area far more important to address than most people realize.  Cognitive training can make drastic improvements in necessary areas of learning such as working memory, sequencing, pattern recognition, and organizing of thoughts and ideas.  These are all foundational skills necessary for learning in all areas.  

If your student or child struggles in any of these areas, receiving intervention by a trained specialist is necessary before academic intervention would be beneficial. Please contact me for more information on cognitive training.

Functional Neurology – There has been so much research on brain development and neuroplasticity in the past 20 years that much of that information still has not carried over into the field of education and academics.  Improving brain function at the most intensive level would be working with a chiropractic neurologist in the area of functional neurology.  Work in this area will strengthen areas of the brain by stimulating different points through physical activity, using proprioceptive system.  These treatments involve the most advanced technology and highest level of education of those trained to provide this type of intervention.  Students who receive this type of therapy make far more significant progress through subsequent therapies than otherwise would. 

If you are interested in this type of therapy, Arizona Chiropractic 

Neurology Center offers support for students in areas of Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Brain Balance offers support for students with Autism, learning disabilities and ADD and ADHD

Recommended Reading: Disconnected Kids by Dr. Robert Melillo