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Her microschool was fun, innovative, and structured

Andrea is an expert in teaching children to read and my son benefited greatly from her expertise. She was able to quickly assess where he was on his learning journey and adapt the curriculum to meet his needs. Her microschool was fun, innovative, and structured, which is the perfect blend for young learners.
Annie’s experience

Powerful, Inspiring, clever educator

Ms. Andrea is a powerful, inspiring, clever educator. She generated careful thought in establishing a connection with my son. The results? Growth!
Elvy K.

She helped me do my reading folder every day

I liked it when we picked jobs. I got to do the garden. Sometimes we would team up and do our Mathseeds book and that was fun. I love doing Mathseeds. Mrs. Andrea is nice and she helps me. She helped me do my reading folder every day.
Alice Layton

Miss Andrea made learning fun

Miss Andrea made learning fun and different from regular classroom teachers. She always gave me things to do that were right at my level, even if it was a different level from the other kids.
Caleb’s experience in his words

She helped me do my reading folder every day

At Ms Andrea’s school Ronin has come a long way from the beginning of the school year . Between writing, math, science, letters, numbers, clock, and his social skills it’s amazing the growth in him. Ms Andrea has the patience and love for each of her students that is expressed in the learning . Everyday Ronin can’t wait to go to school to see Ms Andrea and his friends that he has made .

Unlike public school Ms Andrea give the students individual attention which helps in the learning process.The homey feeling of this school make the children more comfortable and more relaxed so learning is fun for them.

As a helper at this school I have seen so much growth in all these children from the beginning of the year. It was such a wonderful group of children that we’ve had this past school year, can’t wait to see what the new school year brings!

Andrea is an exceptional educator

Over the past year, Andrea has shown an incredible ability to help our children learn and grow academically, socially and more. Her commitment, expertise, and genuine care for their progress have made a significant impact on not just their educational journeys, but also their journeys towards becoming well-rounded and empowered individuals.

Andrea possesses a skill set that sets her apart as an exceptional educator. These skills are far more than we could say, but certainly include creating an inclusive and positive environment, tailoring efforts to fit the children as a group and individually, identifying solutions and outlining how to take advantage of opportunities for our two children in her class. In short, Andrea is a remarkable teacher who provides leadership for long-term growth of each child but she is also the consistent, powerful role-model and guide needed to make adjustments in real time for the short-term.

Our two children have shown explosive growth in this environment. For example, our oldest daughter, Harper, was still under a Kindergarten reading level when she started first grade with Andrea this past year. She still wasn’t clear on letter names and sounds. Now she has a love of reading and routinely sits down with stacks of books every single day. Books that are considered to be beyond a first grade level. This is due to the incredible instruction that we received from Andrea on things that we could do to help her improve, as well as skills taught every day at school. 

Our second oldest, Alice, was only in Andrea’s class for the last 3 months of the school year. She has already finished almost an entire year’s worth of math learning in just that short amount of time. She has also learned not to give up. She used to quit things almost instantly if she ever made a mistake, but now she knows that sometimes it takes practice to get things right, and that messing up is a part of learning. It has been wonderful to see so much growth in such a short amount of time. 

We highly recommend Andrea as an educator and we are both very excited to see what the next year will bring. 
Hyrum and Devyn Layton